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For Good And Evil: The Teaching Of Charles Adams Lesson 4

November 21, 2021

November 15, 2021 - Participants Include:

John Richardson - @Expatriationlaw

Jimmy Sexton - @JimmySextonLLM


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In this episode we continue with The Teaching of Charles Adams Lesson 4:


4. "The ancient Greeks produced the first civilization without despotism; they achieved this by discovering that tyranny is the product of the wrong kind of taxation, especially direct taxation."


In the last few years we have witnessed the proposals and actual introductions of a number of taxes where there has been no actual income realization event. These include:

- the proposed Warren wealth tax

- the proposed Wynden billionaires tax

- the 965 Transition Tax and GILTI

- the 877A expatriation tax

Are any of these taxes "direct taxes"? If not "direct taxes" do they qualify as "income taxes" (even without an income realization event?





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