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Updating Citizenship-Based Taxation - Regulation, Legislation or Both?

September 4, 2021

September  4, 2021 - Participants include:

John Richardson - @Expatriationlaw


Elliot Bramham - See bio below.

On September 3, 2021 Bloomberg published a fascinating article called "Updating Citizenship-Based Taxation". In describing the US extraterritorial tax regime, the author states:


"As of now, the current system effectively creates a new taxation regime for every jurisdiction in which the overseas citizen resides. Beyond mastering the tax code, agents are required to navigate the laws and financial products of multiple jurisdictions in addition to being versed in any bilateral taxation treaties and social security agreements in place."


This podcast is an interview with the author - Elliot Bramham. The podcast includes a discussion of the US extraterritorial tax regime and why it has driven the need for specialized financial planners who recognize and understand why US citizenship creates hurdles in financial and retirement planning. In addition, the article recognizes that the problem of citizenship-based taxation can be solved through either regulation or legislation ...

To whom much has been given (US citizenship), much is expected (US citizens)!



Elliot Bramham is an international graduate in financial management and laws. Wanting to enable others to reach their full potential, he moved to the United Kingdom to begin a career in financial planning.







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