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Mobility Consultant David Lesperance - How tax treaties impact the global mobility decision

January 29, 2021

January 17, 2021 - Participants include:


John Richardson


David Lesperance


In the world of global mobility, there is great emphasis immigration and emmigration. There are many reasons why people seek second citizenships or residences. That said, every change in mobility may (or may not) create a change in tax residence. Changes in tax residency often have profound changes on wealth and opportunities. All countries have domestic tax rules. But, often these tax rules are modified by bilateral tax treaties between counties. Tax treaties impact tax residency, the amount of tax paid, information exchange and gradually more and more enforcement. In this episode, David Lesperance and John Richardson various ways these tax treaties can impact lives (including the future of the "Revenue Rule").


(See also my next podcast which focuses specifically on the saving clause of the standard US tax treaty.)





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